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About TestWheelTM

TestWheelTM is the cloud based test automation solution that helps you to achieve a structured manual and automated tests in parallel. Automated Testing is not a separate project. With TestWheelTM, it starts right from the development unit test.
You don't need to script.
TestWheelTM works tirelessly for you to produce quality product.
TestWheelTM gives you the following powers of web automation framework using cloud computing.

Our Solution is based on the Industry Standard Hybrid Test Automation Framework!

  • Are you looking to automate your manual test procedures in parallel to automation test run?
  • Is your manual test procedures going out of date and your manual test suite is increasing?
  • Is your new test resources taking long time to come on board due to lack of updated test procedures document?
  • Are you spending more time to create reports?
  • Not able to run your scripts due to lack of hardware resources?
  • Automated Test Summary Report.
  • Speedy Test Execution in cloud.

Try our Solution TestWheelTM at testwheel.com as trial.
TestWheelTM – provides you with Automated Testing Solution, Services, Infrastructure and Platform on cloud and on premises.
We give you the automated tests with industry standard framework in less time and resource dynamically with NO SCRIPTING!!
TestWheelTM – Plan, Build, and Run helps you to automate test from planning to building and to running application at a lightning speed.
TestWheelTM – supports automating major aspects of a test project including generating Test Case, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Data generation and Test Execution.