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Application Development

Application Development is one of the important services that we provide according to business requirements of the organizations. Our company helps you to be cost effective and future oriented in your business by fine tuning your vital applications. Our development team focuses on the enhancement in real-time performance of the critical applications so that your cost efficiencies are passed through the bottom line. Our team works on the application development in such a way that we can help the organizations meet their business needs while lessening the impact of the upcoming changes on your business growth.

Services in Application Development

  • Scoping and Requirement Analysis
  • Application Development according to the defined requirements
  • Maintaining and Enhancing enterprise critical applications
  • Reconstruction of an existing application
  • Web based Legacy Applications

Our Application Development process follows the complete Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) which includes Software Requirement Analysis, Architecture and Design, Build and unit testing and System & Integration testing of the application. We provide cost effective solutions in a specific time frame by using the knowledge in methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, Extreme and architectures like Service oriented architecture and web services. The status of the each SDLC phase is measured through a defined metrics which possess our approved methodologies and virtual development techniques ensure that software innovations are quick, smooth and fully integrated. We help to improve the efficiencies of virtual commerce, reduce costs, proficiently focus on the resources of core competencies, optimize operations, facilitate expansion and organizational integration.

Benefits of Application Development

You receive the following key benefits from our Application Development services :

  • Reduced defects
  • Shorter Time frame
  • Full-fledged processes and methodologies
  • Influence of existing best practices and relic templates
  • Provision of a flexible global delivery model for application development
  • Resource allocation based on the project needs
  • Recapture the business logic inbuilt in legacy applications

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