SBEAS 1CyberForce | FA8771-20-D-0001

United States Air Force - Small Business Enterprise Applications Solutions

Air Force Small Business Enterprise Applications Solutions (SBEAS) is the Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) replacement vehicle for Application Solutions Small Business currently used through NETCENTS2 IDIQ. The purpose of this IDIQ contract is to provide a vehicle for customers to access a wide range of Information Technology (IT) Network Centric services and solutions that support the IT lifecycle.

SBEAS Scope :

The scope of this IDIQ includes a full range of computer services and computer solutions to support the development of computer systems and software in a variety of environments and infrastructures. Additional IT services include, but are not limited to documentation operations, deployment, cyber security, configuration management, training, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product management and utilization, technology refresh, data and information services, information display services, and business analysis for IT programs. The SBEAS IDIQ contracts are the preferred source of obtaining IT application services and solutions for the Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) and CO’s shall consider the use of the SBEAS IDIQ contract vehicle first when meeting BES IT requirements. This contract vehicle can also be used by all other Air Force MAJCOMs and other organizations in support of an Air Force requirement.

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