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"We help Corporations to Achieve and Implement IT Solutions in a strategic way."


We have partnered with Global Six Communications to launch Medical Information Management System to help the healthcare practices to expand their medical assistance to reach the remote locations. View a free demo to learn more about the product details.


Our Electronic Medical Records Application is a Global Application which complies with most of the industry standards and best practices. View a free demo to see how our cloud-based EMR Service streamlines patient workflow and drives efficiency without increasing your overhead cost.

Case Management

Yakshna and Case Management Covenants have jointly developed Appeals Tracking System(ATS) to manage the case appeals and claims. The benefits of using this Appeal Tracking System are :

Recovery Rate :

  • Dramatic increase in your appeals recovery rates.
  • Increase your bottom line.

Transparency :

  • Unlimited user access to your appeals process.
  • Foster stake-holders buy in and improve executive decision.

Appeal Status :

  • Know the exact status of all denials and appeals at anytime.
  • Enable executive decision making, regarding the denials process.

Reports :

  • Real time actionable reports drive denial reduction activities.
  • Track and trend data to identify key drivers of denials.

View a free demo to see how our cloud-based Appeal Tracking System is used to increase your bottom line and improve your claims processing patient workflow and drives efficiency without increasing your overhead.

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