In today’s rapidly evolving technology, software testing is of paramount importance. This is because the reliability of software systems under development has become a vital aspect and an undetected error in an application might cause a major financial disaster. Business users demand IT systems meet their business needs. Businesses don’t have the patience to have IT systems that fail to solve their real business challenges. More than half of projects won’t succeed in meeting their requirements or are not complete within the timeline. Sometimes slippage of the budget occurs as defects are found late, even after 40 percent of the project budget is spent on software testing. According to recent studies, the discovery and correction of defects during execution can cost 50 times more than during the requirements phase and 200 times more if they are not resolved up to production. In today’s business environment, it is expected that IT organizations will provide higher quality systems in less time and with fewer resources. Software testing is often the preferred budget item to reduce business expenditures. For many large organizations, it has become very difficult to run complete software tests internally. Therefore, they choose to outsource such software testing projects. At Yakshna Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you achieve predictable and improved levels of software quality while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities. We provide third-party audit and validation services. Our experienced Quality Assurance professionals use a proven software testing methodology to ensure testing is an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), making it possible to detect defects as soon as possible.

Key Differentiators

  • Cost effective global delivery model for optimal usage.
  • Unique testing methodology designed for automated testing.
  • Wide range of testing services with attention on functional services such as Performance Testing, Accessibility and Security Testing.
  • Properly balanced team comprising of experts in domain, technology, testing tools and methodologies.

Our Value Proposition

Provides independent testing services through an offshore model.

Marketing the applications and products in significantly less time.

Enhanced Software Quality.

Cost Effective.

A team with expertise across multiple technologies, domains and testing tools.

Quality Consulting

This covers the complete range of services that ensures the best quality output. It provides services that meet the requirements, from quality assurance to quality control. The key inputs to increasing productivity in quality advisory services are organized processes, a business-friendly environment, and the use of relevant technologies. The risk of complete failure of technology deployment is eliminated by identifying and addressing process improvements in the early stages. Continuous process diagnostics support continuous improvement throughout the project process.


Improved productivity

Removal of process overheads

Reduce operational costs

Achieve competitive edge

Our quality consulting services help you carry out quality improvement initiatives in both business and IT operations. We deploy best practices and statistical methodologies to bring your business operations in line with your customer’s expectations. By aligning your internal practices with best practices and industry leaders, we help you improve software and IT processes. These processes include policies, guidelines, checklists, templates and other IT process artifacts.

Our quality consulting services help you carry out quality improvement initiatives in both business and IT operations.