Civilian Customers


U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO)

Yakshna Solutions is helping U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) in the modernization of its publishing systems by beginning to publish the 2018 main edition of the United States Code through XPub, the agency’s new digital technology for XML-based publishing. With the implementation of XPub, GPO will be able to simultaneously publish all legislative documents in a variety of print and digital formats in a timelier manner. The 2018 main edition of the U.S. Code is the first, large-scale production job that GPO has published using the new composition system.The XPub system will replace GPO’s more than 30-year-old MicroComp system. GPO plans to transition the production of all routine publications, including the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, Public Laws, Congressional Bills, Statutes at Large, and House and Senate Calendars, to the XPub system. XPub will allow customers to provide GPO with content in any format.

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