Civilian Customers


Global Six Communications, Inc. (Global Six)

Global Six Communications, Inc. (Global Six) is a data-intelligence, content-management, company that is focused on technology innovation in the areas of mobile computing and big data. We have developed a data-intelligence infrastructure (availability of on- demand IT) that’s tightly couples next generation analytics and mobile technologies to deliver a data-driven user experience for real- time, remote access to enterprise-owned data and content; delivering this information to the hands of our users.

We’ve currently developed a Medical Information Management System (MIMS) that uses secured, wireless technologies to merge mobile-health (mhealth) capabilities and telemedine technologies. MIMS facilitates, in real-time, the bi-directional exchange of various types of medical information and clinical data, while seamlessly merging information visualization, clinical data management, and medical data informatics to allow correlated, patient data and medical-grade, high-definition video, as well as voice and text messaging, to be transmitted to any remote location for real-time examinations and/or observations.

MIMS allows physicians to have real-time access to patients in remote, rural communities or to soldiers on the battlefield. At the heart of our MIMS solution, is a mobile application that manages medical content. Its primary function is to seamlessly integrate and correlate various types of patient information and clinical data such that healthcare professionals get a 360° view of the patient’s health transmitted to their palms regardless of their location.

MIMS uses mobile-wireless devices to deliver real-time medical information to the palms of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals and is being offered to the medical community (the healthcare sector) as a subscription-based service.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), subscription-based model allows physicians to use and to introduce, wireless technologies to their practices without a huge initial investment.